How can we slow the spread of COVID-19?

How is COVID-19 ispreading?

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Global Spread of COVID-19

This data visualization shows the daily number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19. It shows new cases for global regions, countries and states/provinces for United States, Canada, Australia and China. It also has global and US maps that each show total cases and trends.

The data for this comes from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering by way of DataWorld and Tableau. The good people at Johns Hopkins get the data from the World Health Organization, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and a lengthy list of other government agencies from across the globe that report data about COVID-19.

My initial reason for creating this data viz was to get a clearer understanding of the data around the spread of the virus. Prior to this I found myself nearly catatonic as I tried to sort through the daily dump of articles, reports and op-ed pieces about the coronavirus and it’s associated disease, COVID-19. By tracking this data I’ve been able to understand better how the virus has spread and how it continues to spread. And, by associating that spread with other events (stock market performance, government policies, employment news, etc.) I’ve been able to develop more confidence in what I think is happening during this critical time.

This is not to say I have solutions to this crisis or that I’ve developed any expertise in what’s happening. But it does mean I (and now you) have the ability to cut through the debris of media, government and online social conversations about the virus and get to a credible source of truth for how the virus is spreading. This is a necessary place to start if a person is going to attempt to understand what’s happening and then provide useful ideas on how to mitigate the damage from this virus.

I’ll be posting more data viz charts and thoughts (mine and others’) on what this means and how we might respond. Stay tuned. And please share your thoughts below.

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