This is my personal blog. It’s not here to collect your data, grab your money or even sway your opinion in any particular direction. It’s only here to share information. This includes my ideas, opinions and conclusions. It also includes ideas, opinions, reports and such from others. I’ve organized the content (mostly) around questions I find interesting and important. Anything I share here is just my opinion unless I’ve included a link or other citation to a third party.

When I’m not writing this blog you might find me engaged in these activities (in no particular order):

  • Hiking
  • Urban biking
  • Reading
  • Making pictures (see some on Instagram)
  • Volunteering (here’s an example)
  • Annoying my wife while I learn to play the ukulele
  • Creating data visualizations (check out a few posted here)
  • Doing things to help build community

You can reach out to me in these ways:

Please feel free to comment on anything you read here. I enjoy hearing other’s thoughts (whether I agree with them or not). And I ask, if you do comment, please:

  1. Add value to the article or conversation (a new perspective, fact, research or idea about the topic)
  2. Be courteous, respectful and civil (no one likes trolls or jerks whether online or in person)
  3. Cite your sources (even if it’s just your opinion)
  4. Keep it positive (let focus on things that can make our world better)

In the content I publish here I will try to do the same.

As a personal, non-commercial blog, I try to keep the legal aspects of this website simple. Here are my plain language Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. Any questions? Please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kevin Stirtz