Actually, Google Does Know About Their Skydiving Senior VP

In a tweet yesterday, Danny Sullivan noted that Google displayed a one box showing Felix Baumagrtner as the world record holder for the highest skydiving. Sullivan’s point was the irony that Google’s own Alan Eustace had beaten Baumgartner’s record earlier that day. While it’s entertaining (in a snarky sort of way) to jab the search giant Google, I disagree. It’s not ironic at all. Here is the tweet: Look Past the… Read More »

Google’s Panda 4.1 Rolls Out But What’s the Effect?

On September 24,  Google announced the roll-out of Panda 4.1. The notice, from Pierre Far, said about 3-5% of searches will be affected, depending on locale. Mr. Far indicated the roll-out would be slow. It actually started earlier this week and will go into next week. The good news in his post is that this update seems to be designed to help sites that have decent quality but may have… Read More »

Is this Google Street View Spam?

Does Matt Cutts have a counter-part in Google Street View? Maybe he should. posted an article today about how a pair of practical jokers in Edinburgh pulled one over on Google.  On seeing the fabled Google “Street View car” they quickly setup a grisly looking scene on their street that appeared to show a brutal beating. In the images, one man is shown wielding an axe handle while the… Read More »

Lies, Damned Lies, and SEO Statistics

Recently, Conductor blogged about their recent study that (seems to) show Google has 85% of the search engine market share, rather than the 67% share usually attributed to the search engine giant.  If accurate, this is significant because it reduces by roughly 50% the non-Google market share in the USA search market. Decisions made about how to allocate resources relating to search marketing need to consider this. This new study uses data from… Read More »

Was there a Google Algorithm Update Last Week?

Last week there were some strong indicators of a Google algorithm change, at least according to some of the tools that track such things. Late in the week, Thursday (1-23-14) and Friday (1-24-14) four of these indicators showed high levels of fluctuation in Google’s SERPs: Mozcast Weather Report                   Algoroo             … Read More »

Matt Cutts Video Explains Duplicate Content

This is a summary of a recent Matt Cutts video about duplicate content.  Anything quoted is what he said. The rest is paraphrased or my interpretation. My thoughts are in italics. Add your own thoughts or questions below in the comments – conversations are fun! You can view the video below. How does Google handle duplicate content? Roughly 25% of content on the web is duplicate so if Google simply… Read More »

Should Rap Genius Stay on Google’s Naughty List? got schooled by Google a few days ago and the tuition paid by the rap lyric site is a major slapdown in their SERP visibility.  The issue that tripped them up was a recent strategy of offering to trade promotional activity for links to their site. Their offer  is detailed in a post by John Marbach, a Rap Genius fan. Once Marbach’s post got picked up by Hacker News,… Read More »

Yahoo announces encryption of user data

Roughly two months ago, Google informed us they would move all searches to “https”, making search data secure. Unfortunately, this also prevents query data from being passed meaning webmasters and online marketing professionals have a lot less information about who comes to their websites and why. About a month later, Avinash Kaushik suggested Yahoo would follow. He was right. Yesterday, Yahoo announced they would begin encrypting all their data. Do we really think Bing won’t follow… Read More »

More on Google’s Hummingbird Update

Over at the Moz Blog, Gianluca Fiorelli has shared some thoughts on Google’s Hummingbird update. I like that he waited until some time had passed to form his opinions about this algo change. While it’s fun to jump into the fray the moment changes like this happen, trying to understand a brand new update a couple days after its release (especially with Google providing few details) is like trying to… Read More »

Matt Cutts Talks About the Future of Google (at PubCon 2013)

Last week Matt Cutts graced PubCon 2013 (October 21-24 in Las Vegas) with his presence. After he and Jason Calacanis finished their kickboxing match, Matt had some interesting things to say about the future of the big G. Here are some highlights from my viewing. Author tagging / Rel=Author This is still NOT a factor in SERP rankings but Google appears to be moving in that direction. Google is considering reducing… Read More »